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Website Redesign

Website Redesign

Websites are becoming more interactive than ever before. Most of the websites keep adding advanced features to their website. It helps the website to be the leader in its domain. You may have also seen some of your competitors adding some futuristic features to their websites. But how do they do it? They achieve the high level of perfection from the best website redesign services. 

If you are looking to redesign your old school website, then you are at the best place. We are making the website lead faster, sleeker, mobile-friendly, and more futuristic. It will make your website quite appealing and interactive for the users. Ultimately it makes your website stand out from the competitors. 

Most website designing companies charge a lot of money from the website designer. However, website redesigning costs vary from website to website. But here at Heaven Gold Tech, we ensure affordable charges for website redesign services. Our charges also vary for different kinds of websites. In most cases, the businesses don’t have any idea about the cost of the website redesign. Therefore they get into the trap of unreliable services and lose their money. 

Most Affordable  Website Redesign Cost

Over the past few years, there has been a sudden boost in website design costs. The reason being that most businesses try to do something innovative with their websites. But there are a few experienced and skilled website designers and developers at Bhiwadi. 

That is why we are here to make it more affordable for the business to redesign their websites. To date, we have redesign lots of websites and help the business to grow their websites. You can also compare our charges with others and find the difference.

Types of Our Website Redesign Services?

In our website redesign services, we do not just make a few changes. We cover many things in our services to make the website visually appealing and functionally usable for the website. Every website is different from others. That is why I have four types of website redesign services. Have a look at it:- 


This kind of website redesign is only cosmetic updates. In this, we make some changes in the user interface. For example, if the business is rebranding and updating its company color, redecoration is the best. It is quite affordable in price and also takes less time to redesign a website. 


In this type of website redesign, we work on the backend update for the website. It is best for those businesses who want to migrate their websites to content management systems. Website redesign costs higher than redecoration. It requires a high amount of expertise. 


In remodel website redesign, our website designer works on visual and other updates on the website. It is best to revamp the website visually and functionality. But it is quite expensive than both of the websites mentioned above. It is quite time consuming and resource-intensive.


As the name suggests, in this we provide a brand new website to the business. Most businesses think that if we provide a brand new website, then how is the website redesign? We reuse some of the elements of the previous websites. 

Such as images, business information, contact information, etc. A large number of businesses come to us and ask for a website rebuild. But they don’t know how to do it and achieve the best results.

Many companies charge a lot of money from these website redesign services. But we charge nominal prices from the business and provide them with excellent solutions. 

What do We determine in Our Website Redesign Pricing?

1. Size

In website redesign cost in the website design is the size of the website. It means that if the website is large, then it will cost higher than the smaller website. It is because either the big website needs redecoration or remodels; website redesign will cost high for them. That is why we ask for the number of website pages.

It helps us to offer the most accurate price estimation. Thus the business can decide which type of website redesign for them. We have categorized all the website size into a few categories, such as small, medium, and large websites. These categories are based on the number of pages. 

2. Design

After the size, we also consider how much website design needs to be changed. Suppose a business wants to have a frills website rather than a fully feature-packed website. Then the business needs to spend less on design and development costs.

It also saves their time to have a fresh website design. We ensure that the business should get a highly interactive website design at nominal charges. Our web designers understand the requirements of the business. And provide them with the best website design that speaks the brand message to the target audience. 

3. Functionality

Functionality also decides the overall cost of the website redesign. Website functionality includes a navigation bar, shopping cart, payment processor, etc. 

Apart from that, some businesses also need to add some custom features to their website. For this, we understand the requirements of the business. And embed the latest features on their website. 

4. Integrations

Sometimes the business needs to integrate some third-party system on their website. It also affects the cost of the overall website redesign. In most cases, Ecommerce sites require this kind of integration. Apart from the CMS-based website also need these integrations that is not costly for the business.

5. Responsive design

There are still some old websites. But the users want to have responsive websites that can be accessed on any device. Almost 50% of internet users are on the mobile divide. That is why the business demands responsive website design. 

Our expert web designers change old website design to responsive design. Design an old-aged website to a responsive one is always quite expensive for the business. But we are not charging huge amounts of money for the responsive website redesign. 

Our experts are well aware of how to design websites and how to make them outstanding. You can rely on our web designer for the best website designs. If you ask us for website redesign services, you can save time and money. We also offer custom website development services. You can ask our experts to integrate any customized features on your website.

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  1. HeavenGold Infotech helped us redesign our new website recently. Very thorough, efficient and always prompt in answering any and all questions we had. We would recommend them highly!!!!

  2. We used HeavenGold Infotech Services recently to design our law firms website and it’s been an absolute pleasure. Leonard was always available to answer questions and made sure that we were always happy along the way. I would highly recommend Caspian to anyone looking for a professional web designer.

  3. Extremely satisfied with HeavenGold Infotech Services. I needed some maintenance done on my existing website and Leonard was great. Very responsive and fast. Within a week my website was fixed!

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